We have a specialist team of experienced advisory consultants providing advice to NHS Trusts and healthcare organisations seeking to improve environments, generate efficiencies and savings.

The NHS and healthcare organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver safe and sustainable clinical service models in the most challenging financial times. Our advice assists estates teams to make the healthcare estate more efficient, free-up resources and provide environments suitable for the delivery of modern healthcare, in line with NHS England’s Five Year Forward View.

Our advice services include:

  • Estate masterplanning
  • Asset analysis including revenue and capital
  • Development of aligned clinical and estates strategies
  • Business cases
  • Optimising capital projects through an extensive knowledge of the construction industry and funding markets
  • Benchmarking costs of occupancy enabling the generation of savings, released investment funds or wider commercial access
  • Develop and implement patient focussed Estates and Facilities Management services
  • Identifying where improvements can be made in performance, safety and compliance
  • Reducing backlog maintenance and operational expenditure
  • Measures whether and how space is being used efficiently
  • Recommends and implements optimisation and rationalisation sequencing.
  • Procurement and outsourcing of ‘back office’ services
  • Centralised coordination of IT and IT based systems
  • Supporting and challenging the business case for private partnerships by exploring options and identifying the right partnership structure.