True partnership is where both organisations pool resources and share knowledge, skills and expertise which results in the best possible outcomes

Ryhurst and Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust formed Villicare LLP in November 2013. following ten months of competitive dialogue.

Villicare is a true 50:50 partnership built around four key principles:

  • Mutual control
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency

Building strong, collaborative and flexible relationships starts with strong leadership from the Board and the senior management team.

Villlicare’s key objectives are to:

  • Explore flexible, cost efficient and robust options  for delivery of capital projects.
  • Work with the Trust to review provision of non-clinical services, identify effective improvement measures, and provide an offering of service transfer and management.
  • Identify opportunities to generate commercial income or enhancements for the Trust.
  • Provide services to other third party public and private sector organisations.

Villicare is working with the Trust to deliver a number of key initiatives to support the Trust Clinical and Business Strategies, and realise the benefits of the proposed Business Change Programme. These initiatives include:

  • Development and delivery of a new £14m Tier 4 CAMHS unit
  • Achieving significant savings by implementing and managing commercially driven procurement for the construction of capital projects for CWP.
  • Review alternative and complementary uses for surplus sites.
  • Review opportunities for the disposal and development of surplus Trust sites to generate income.
  • Feasibility Development Appraisals for sites that may previously have not realised their optimum potential for development and delivery of clinical or care facilities.
  • A comprehensive review of the existing Trust IM&T services with recommendations for positive enhancements, and detailed options for implementation of service transformation.
  • A collaborative review of Trust Soft FM services to explore service improvements, and commercial opportunities to offer services to other public and private sector organisations.

In addition to these key initiatives, Villicare is working with other local providers and operators of healthcare services to review the development of an integrated care programme to improve pathways and develop integrated services.

Since its formation in 2013, Villicare has:

  • Made significant cost and resource savings for the delivery of a large capital scheme compared to national framework alternatives.
  • Demonstrated ways of enhancing the potential value of Trust surplus sites.
  • Identified improvements and efficiencies within the Trust IM&T Services and is now working with the Trust to implement the improvements.
  • Worked with the Trust and other public sector organisations to identify alternative development solutions for shared occupancy sites, generating potential income and reducing capital investment requirements.