The Ancora House project followed the New Project Approval Process (NPAP) from Concept and will continue through to Completion. At each stage, the Trust was able to consider options, manage risk and retain control.

concept identificationAt Concept Stage 1, concepts are identified and presented by the Trust , Ryhurst or Villicare.

The Trust presented the Ancora House capital project. This was considered by the Informed Client and agreed for inclusion in the Partnership Plan.

At Concept Stage 2, Villicare ‘challenged’ the Trusts procurement route and recommended a traditional design and build route delivering financial efficiencies and an improved risk position.

Villicare produced a fee proposal, concept report and approval to proceed to the next stage was received from the Trust Board.

new project proposalAt New Project Proposal Stage 1, Villicare produced a Stage 1 report identifying maximum development costs, fees to financial close, value for money agreement and recommendations.

The Trust engages with relevant stakeholders with Villicare leading on planning and design development.

The Trust approves the project for development and decides that the partnership should proceed. At this point the Trust could have undertaken the work themselves or appointed another provide. The partnership has an non-exclusivity clause.

At Project Development Stage 2, Villicare prepared all documentation to support the Trust in its decision to proceed. Documentation includes a detailed programme and project implementation plan, specification, tender documents and success criteria.

The construction tender process gets underway.

Ancora HouseAt Financial / Contractual Close, Villicare selected the contractor, awarded a contract and negotiated any final contractual documentation.

Work commences on site and Villicare Project Manage construction to completion. This includes the management of risk, programme and costs.