The Informed Client is a role established on all Ryhurst’s operational SEPs to ensure that the Strategic Estate Partnership (SEP) captures and considers the ideas, innovation and views from wider Trust networks.

Originally, the role of Informed Client was held by one individual in a senior position at the Trust. The role has evolved as we have continued to learn from our first SEP and was extended to become the Informed Client Group (ICG), with a nominated lead that challenges proposals presented by the SEP Board, and provides the SEP Board with Trust issues, requirements and associated costs. First established with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, the ICG brings together a group of key Trust representatives that have a strong operational knowledge of the Trust and who have developed relationships across the clinical and non-clinical teams, including finance and procurement, to provide access and support to the SEP General Manager. Members of the ICG must also understand the Trust’s stakeholders and communications requirements and provide a day to day link between the General Manager and the Trust staff.

The ICG supports the Trust by determining the project and programme priorities for delivery by the SEP and agreed with the SEP Board.

The Informed Client Group promotes the needs of the Trust and provides input and knowledge of the Trust’s operational management.

The ICG provides the SEP General Manager with access to the breadth of knowledge available and encourages concept identification to maximise opportunities and provide a strong basis for the development of the SEP.

The ICG is a committed group that is pro-active in achieving the Trust’s aspirations and objectives. The group meet regularly to put forward and to consider any projects, providing the day-to-day interface between the SEP and the Trust, the ICG role supports the SEP JV by:

  • Determining the pipeline of projects to be commissioned
  • Setting priorities
  • Co-ordinating and managing feasibility studies
  • Consider other local partners that could improve the sustainability of the project.
  • Producing or assisting in the production of the business case (OBC / FBC)
  • Allocating and committing resources and capabilities
  • Ensuring an effective match between the project proposals and the Trust service objectives
  • Ensuring sufficient clinical and operation input
  • Creating suitable and appropriate engagement and communication (staff, patients, public, commissioners)
  • Review the whole life cost of the project