Ryhurst provides advice and support to NHS Trusts, public and charitable organisations that are seeking to transfer the risk and responsibility of the estate and facilities management function of its business to a third party in order to create quality improvements, generate savings and efficiencies. 

Ryhurst and Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) partnered in October 2010, creating Red Rose Corporate Services (RRCS) The original scope of the partnership was to open up new ways of securing funding for the delivery of capital projects, but it has since developed into a strong operational standalone company

Ryhurst and RRCS have been assisting LCFT with the delivery of it Property Services function since April 2009 and RRCS took over formal responsibility for the delivery of the estates service in April 2014. RRCS employs 30 people to manage the service, some of whom transferred from Ryhurst in May 2014, and some who transferred from LCFT in September 2015.

Key aims of the Trust were to:

  • Reduce risk in relation to third party contracts
  • Deliver Cost Improvement Programme (CIP) savings
  • Rationalise its estate footprint
  • Provide an estate that is fit-for-purpose and responds to clinical requirements
  • Operate its buildings more efficiently 

Ryhurst provided LCFT with a proposal encompassing the Trust's aims and provided suggestions for opportunities to maximise the benefits to the Trust of transferring the services to RRCS, including:

  • RRCS to be financially responsible and accountable for the delivery of LCFT estate services budget
  • Develop the RRCS business to provide services to third parties, delivering revenue growth to the partnership and profit share to its shareholders
  • Support elements of the local Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP)
  • RRCS to manage and be responsible for the delivery of the capital budget 

Traditionally, the Trust provided its estates and facilities management services in-house through a large team with many years' of experience and history of the Trust's estate. Ryhurst was keen to retain this knowledge within the Trust, whilst complementing these skills with its own staff that could provide the expertise and additional resource required in bringing the Trust's estate in alignment with its objectives. 

It was essential that Trust employees retained their original NHS terms and conditions, including membership of the NHS pension scheme. Ryhurst submitted an application on behalf of RRCS to the Department of Health for Directional Employer's status for the transferring of employees. At the same time, collective and individual consultation was carried out with the LCFT employees This ensured that all employees understood the process and protections being put in place Approval from the Department of Health was received in August 2015 and employees transferred to RRCS on 1st September 2015 

Since the transfer of LCFT's Property Services function to RRCS, the partnership has achieved:

  • £5m revenue savings on Hard and Soft FM and increased quality of the services provided through outsourcing
  • Exceeded the Trust's estates related Cost Improvement Programme targets 
  • Up to 50% reduction in consultancy costs on capital projects
  • Saved over £20m capital costs by renegotiating the ProCure21+ project for The Harbour
  • Increased use of the Trust's existing corporate and clinical facilities by 39%
  • Created a step change in the management of the estates and property function
  • Delivered £40m+ of capital projects
  • Continually challenged the opportunity to create saving and improved estates facilities and maintenance services year on year