Following an instruction by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Wight Life Partnership (WLP) undertook a review of the Trust’s contract for the provision of its Car Parking and Security Services at the St Mary’s Hospital site.

The review was required in order to address a significant fall in the financial and operational performance of the existing Car Parking and Security services provider, leaving the Trust exposed to an increasing deficit with the ongoing responsibility to maintain and replace unreliable car parking equipment..

The appointed service provider was contracted to provide services from April 2014 until March 2017, and the Trust required options to address financial and operational performance and contract renewal. WLP undertook a comprehensive review of the Car Parking and Security service to:

  • Understand the current contract inclusions and performance measures
  • Assess the condition and functionality of car parking equipment
  • Recommend improvements to the service in order to enhance user experience
  • Ensure contract compliance leading to improved performance and income for the Trust

Next Steps

WLP put forward a number of recommendations to increase operational performance of its existing service provider and was instructed by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust to procure a new Car Parking and Security services provider to be in place from 1st April 2017.

WLP led an EU compliant procurement process to select a new provider based on the following contractor specification:

  • Provision of a safe and secure car parking and security service 24/7
  • Provision of investment in car parking equipment and maintenance thereafter
  • Collection of parking charges and reporting defects
  • Response to security issues including attending fire alarm calls, investigating missing patients, patrols
  • Locking down and reopening of the St Mary’s Hospital site

Following the competitive tender process, Apcoa was selected as the Trust’s new provider of Car Parking and Security Management services from 1st April 2017. Apcoa is working in partnership with the Trust and will enhance user experience and increase income to the Trust by:

  • Replacing current unreliable equipment and introduce new Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology that will enable users to ‘pay on exit’ at payment machines, meaning that patients and visitors will no longer need to worry about the time left on their ticket.
  • Introducing a new Staff parking virtual payment system, improving the usability for staff
  • Increasing safety of staff, patients and visitors of the St Mary’s Hospital site by installing a barrier to prevent the site being used as a ‘rat-run’ by those wishing to avoid congestion at the roundabout or shorten their journey.