Since 2010, Ryhurst has been at the forefront of delivering Strategic Estates Partnerships (SEPs). The model was developed to help the NHS and other healthcare organisations to better utilise its estate, improve the patient experience through provision of quality buildings and provide the best possible value to the taxpayer.

  • An equal partnership that ensures the NHS or healthcare partner retains control and influence over decision making within the SEP
  • Provide a strategy for the whole healthcare estate to release revenue and reduce costs through efficiency estates use and management
  • Reduction or reuse of surplus estate to create efficiencies and generate savings
  • It is long-term, non-exclusive and carries no fixed supply chain to demonstrate value for money and use the most appropriate specialists for each project
  • Provides equitable approach to risk and reward for both parties
  • Take a share of risk from our NHS or healthcare partner as required
  • Add value to deliver financial gain for our partner
  • Provide complementary or additional resource

This results in Ryhurst providing support to meet our partner’s individual challenges, needs and objectives over the long term.