Ryhurst is the only estate company whose sole focus is working in the healthcare sector to deliver vibrant, efficient estates that support clinical service provision through smarter asset management. 

We have evolved from delivering new facilities to the NHS via the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to providing a full breadth of property management and development services through our Strategic Estates Partnerships and Estates Advisory Service.

Our vision is to deliver vibrant, efficient health care estates that support clinical service provision. 

Passionate about working in partnership, professional in all we do, we are:

Value Creating Partnerships - we are a committed long-term partner who will make a significant difference, and in doing so understands that way you work and we will operate with similar ethics and values.

Patient Focussed - we will provide better environments for patients and staff, remaining flexible to accommodate a changing estate profile. 

Improving Performance - we will deliver flexible investments in infrastructure and assets and services to improve performance, lowering the operating costs over the life of the partnership. 

Sustainable Solutions - we deliver 'best in class' services. Reducing energy costs, eliminating 'high risk' backlog maitnenace and reducing annual maintenance costs. 

Delivering Savings - we will continue to reduce costs by intelligently managing your estatea. Overseeing whole-life property investment and disposal.

Ryhurst's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to balance our activities and maintain awareness of our impact on society and the environment. 

As a specialist provider of health estate management services, Ryhurst works closely with NHS trusts to develop ideas that address specific local need and to create a sustainable legacy for the long term and enhance relationships with local communities. 

We strive to identify partners and providers who share our CSR aspirations and can demonstrate their contribution through their policies, procedures and delivery of works and services.